Why are my % changes different on the Portfolio page?

There will be times where your "Today's % Change" will be different on the symphony level of your portfolio than your "Today's % Change" for your total portfolio summary. This is due to a difference in data providers (Alpaca's data vs our data provider Xignite).

  • Your "Today's % Change" at a portfolio level is taken using Alpaca's data ((Real-time price - Yesterday's Close)/Yesterday's Close).
  • Your "Today's % Change" at a symphony level is taken using Xignite's data ((Real-time price - Yesterday's Close)/Yesterday's Close).

As a result, the data should match, however there may be small discrepancies due to the difference in data sources.

On the other hand, "Today's % Change" at an asset ticker level does not look at the time you bought the asset but the difference between the real-time price and the open price. Hence why there will be differences compared to the symphony level.

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