Withdrawing funds

If you’d like to withdraw funds from your account, head over to the Funding and Withdrawals section from your user menu. Due to anti-money laundering/fraud prevention measures, you will only be able to withdraw to the bank account you deposited from. Please reach out to help@composer.trade if you no longer have access to your depositing bank account.

You’ll be able to see the amount of withdrawable cash available at the moment and choose how much to withdraw.

There are a couple of factors that affect how much cash is currently withdrawable. 

One factor is the type of funding used for the account:

  • If the account is funded by ACH (i.e., through Plaid), there is a 6 business day hold from funding until the funds are withdrawable. This minimum is set by our brokerage partner, Apex.
  • If the account is funded via wire transfer, the funds are withdrawable immediately after the wire has cleared.

Another factor is settlement:

  • After selling a security, cash is not immediately available to withdraw. Security sales settle at T+1, so cash becomes withdrawable one business day after trades are made. Once cash is settled, it becomes withdrawable immediately. 
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