Billing Information

You’re able to pay for your Composer membership using the same bank account used to deposit funds. We don’t support users having multiple connected bank accounts and we don’t currently allow payments via credit cards. 

If you choose a monthly Trading Pass, you’ll be billed $30.00 every month. If you choose an annual membership, you’ll be billed $288.00 every 12 months. 

You’ll receive a payment confirmation email once we’ve processed your payment – if we’re unable to process your payment, you’ll receive an email letting you know that the payment didn’t work. 

If this happens to you, we ask that you either add a new payment method or reach out to us if you believe the payment was rejected in error. If we don’t receive new payment information from you, your membership will be deactivated and set to withdrawal/liquidation only 7 days from the failed payment date.

Canceling your Trading Pass

You’re able to cancel your Trading Pass at any time. You’ll have access to automatic trading and the full Composer membership benefits for the remainder of your Pass. At that time, your Trading Pass will be deactivated, your funds will be set to withdrawal/liquidation only, and automated trading will stop. You’ll maintain the same positions from the last trading day.

For example, if you’re on a monthly Trading Pass, and you cancel on July 15th, but your next billing date is July 24th, you will have access until July 24th. In the case that you have an Trading Pass, the same logic applies – if the date is July 15th and your next billing date isn’t until February 1st, 2023, you’ll have access to your Composer Trading Pass until that February 1st, 2023 date. 

If you still have positions in Composer, you’ll hold those positions, and no automatic trades will be placed for you. For example, if you were invested in a symphony that held 10 shares of SPY, and it was supposed to trade after February 1st, the automatic trades would not execute, and you would keep the 10 shares of SPY. 

After your Trading Pass is deactivated, you’ll be able to liquidate your holdings and withdraw, but not invest in any new symphonies or trigger any automatic trades.

You will not receive any prorated refund for canceling a Trading Pass early.

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