Depositing Funds and Investing

What’s the minimum to fund the account?

We recommend starting with at least $2500. More information as to why can be found here.

Can I still use Composer without funding my account?

Yes. After signing up, users can utilize Composer as a backtesting and following tool. Users can also create and edit symphonies of their own. 

What should I invest in?

In accordance with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission, Composer does not advise clients/users on which securities or investments to add or remove, but rather allows the client/user the ability to edit strategies on their own. 

What is Opus?

Opus is a data-driven investment strategy designed to give you the benefits of systematic investing. Opus is actively managed by the Composer’s Investment Committee. Other symphonies are not regularly updated by Composer.

How many symphonies should I invest in?

We don’t limit the amount of symphonies users can invest in. 

How does trading work?

After you set your portfolio, Composer utilizes an automated trading system. Symphony trades are executed on weekdays between 3pm ET and market close. 

What happens after I click “invest”?

After clicking ‘invest’, we will execute your symphony in the next trading period. Composer will automatically execute trades based off of the designated calendar frequency or designated threshold. You can manage your investments on the Portfolio page

What are the fees? 

Our fees are only associated with automated trading. We have two membership plans – Monthly plan starting at $30/month and a yearly subscription at $24/month.

Where are my assets held?

Through SIPC, securities in your account are protected up to $500,000. Your investments are held with our primary custodian bank, BMO Harris.

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