Watch a Symphony

Whether it’s a symphony you’ve made yourself or one from Composer’s collection, to follow a symphony’s performance in real time, click Watch.

You can find symphonies that you’ve created but not followed under “Drafts”. 

When you follow a symphony, it will be added to your Watch list. Click on Watch in the menu bar to see all of your followed symphonies.

When you Watch a symphony, the symphony begins with a simulated baseline value of $1,000 USD at the close of the last trading day. Changes to its performance are tracked from there.

When the market is open, you can see changes in the total value and the return of the symphony in real time. You can also track how the value of the symphony changed in dollars and percent since the end of the last trading day.

Watch more symphonies and you’ll see them appear in your Watch list.

When you’re ready, you can invest in a symphony or symphonies you’ve been Watching.

If you no longer want to follow a symphony on your list, click “Unwatch”.

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