Referral Program

If somebody signs up to Composer using your unique referral code and buys their own Trading Pass, you’ll receive a 25% lifetime discount on your Composer Trading Pass. And so will your friend!

Each additional friend gets you an extra 25% off. That means that if you refer two friends who purchase Trading Passes, you’ll get a lifetime discount of 50%. If you refer three friends, it’ll be 75%. And if you refer four friends, your Trading Pass will be free forever.

If you already have an active Trading Pass, you’ll also receive a refund equivalent to your percent discount (25%, 50%, 75% or 100%) prorated to the remaining time on your Pass. The discount will also be applied on any future purchases of a Trading Pass.

Where is my referral code?

You can access your unique referral code in the Composer desktop app using ‘Invite friends’ blue button in the upper right and in the iPhone app using the 'Invite a friend' button in the Account menu.

Copy your referral code and share with a friend. You can text, email, or post your code on social media!

Any new Composer user who uses your code to sign up will be tagged to your account. If they buy a Trading Pass, you get 25% off your Trading Pass and so will your friend.

How does someone use my referral code?

Your referral code will be a 6-7 digit code followed by “-TRADE”. When signing up, your referred friend should select "Referral" and then input your code (for example, “IrZHhBh-TRADE” below) in the Referral code section.

Here is an example:

How will I receive the discount?

For users with an active Trading Pass, we’ll refund your discount prorated to the remaining time on your Trading Pass into your Composer taxable account within the following 21 days.

For users with a trial Trading Pass, the discount will be applied to this Trading Pass.

In all cases, your discount will be applied to all future purchases of a Trading Pass.

*Note: Composer reserves the right to modify or discontinue the referral bonus program at any time, but we'll always keep you informed about any changes to your Trading Pass discount.

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